Allergy 101: The Itchy Pet

An itchy pet is an uncomfortable pet, and they can be frustrating for any pet owner. The constant scratching, chewing, and licking likely keeps you up at night, and can cause your pet to develop a secondary skin or ear infection. Allergies are one of the main reasons we see itchy pets at Bayside Animal [...]

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Heartworm Disease 101: Protecting Your Pet’s Heart

Spring has sprung, and with the rising temperatures and inviting weather, many pet owners are spending more time outside with their four-legged companions. Your feline friends may also be spending more time outdoors, or sunbathing on their catios. But, springtime temperatures are also inviting for pesky parasites, including mosquitoes, whose blood-sucking, biting habits can be [...]

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4 Tips to Set Your Puppy Up for Success

Puppies are energetic fur balls, who fill our lives with sweet puppy breath and cozy cuddles. However, like human childhood, puppyhood is a critical time to ensure they learn and develop proper manners, social skills, and habits, so they remain healthy through their grey muzzle years. Follow these four tips from your Bayside Animal Hospital [...]

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6 Pet-Proofing Points from Percy

Percy the Kitten: “I squinted as my surroundings slowly came into focus. They pulled my breathing tube, and wrapped me in a warm towel on a heating pad. I shivered a little, but the pain was gone. They had removed the string, along with three inches of damaged intestine, and  stitched up my abdomen.” Percy [...]

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6 Tips to Ensure Your Pet Stays Safe in Cold Weather

Winter is here, and what better way to combat the cooler temperatures and chilly rain than with cozy sweaters, crackling fires, and couch cuddles with your furry pal. Since our four-legged companions aren’t able to bundle themselves up for the cold, they rely on their pet parents to provide protection from frigid winter temperatures. Our [...]

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Puppy Parenting 101: What to Expect During Your Puppy’s First Year

Welcoming a new four-legged pal into your family is exciting and at times challenging. A productive first year with a precious puppy is critical for ensuring a life of health and good behavior. Like a human child, puppies require lots of attention, care, monitoring, training and, most importantly, lots of patience and cuddles. Follow these [...]

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