What sets us apart

Your dog or cat is like family to you. We believe we have a very important responsibility to practice the best medicine we possibly can, so that your pet is kept happy and healthy and by your side for years to come. We use modern technology with an old fashioned personal touch so that you and your pet have a wonderful experience. We are a full service veterinary facility, and offer a wide range of pet health services.

Wellness Exams

Preventative health saves lives.


This is where it all starts for your pet’s health. Scheduling regular preventative health checkups is the best (and most cost effective) way to give your pet a long, healthy and happy life. All pets should have wellness exams at least once a year. Senior pets require wellness exams once every six months.


Protection your pet from numerous pathogens.


Vaccinations are an extremely effective way of immunizing your pet against harmful pathogens. There are several vaccines that are considered “core vaccinations” for your pet, and others that are necessary for certain lifestyles and risk factors. We’ll help you determine what is right for your pet.

Dental Care

Healthy mouths mean longer lives.


Most pets show signs of periodontal disease by age three, which causes pain and can shorten lives. Regular veterinary dental care is an important component of preventative medicine for your dog or cat.


Modern and safe surgical procedures.


If your pet requires surgery, it is important that your veterinary team uses modern equipment and safe techniques. We pride ourselves on very high standards of safety for your pet’s surgical procedure – whether it’s a spay, neuter, tumor removal, or a number of other complex procedures.


It helps lost pets find their way home.


Every year, millions of dogs and cats become lost. Pets who are microchipped are returned home at a much higher rate than pets that aren’t. Microchipping is a very simple procedure that is virtually pain free for your pet.


Modern diagnostics for a range of afflictions.


Radiology is an important tool in modern diagnostics. This is often used to determine the severity of an injury, or to gauge the progression of a disease. It is invaluable in aiding the formation of an effective treatment plan for your pet.

Even More…

End of Life, Nutritional Counseling, Ultrasound, Pain Management, Pharmacy, Specialist Consult


We are a full service veterinary facility. We are equipped and trained to handle a wide range of medical issues in pets.